When: Friday, June 1st from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Who: The event is for Louise Archer sixth grade students only.  Parents should drop off their sixth graders at the front of the school at 7 p.m. Parents are then invited back at 9:00 p.m. for the slide show in the gym.  Then event ends promptly at 9:15. Students are not allowed to arrange for “dates” for the evening.  

Dress: Casual summer attire -- dresses, skirts, shorts.  Comfortable shoes are recommended and must be worn at all times.  The school’s dress code applies.  Please respect this policy.  

Cost: Tickets cost $10 per child.  Please RSVP by purchasing tickets by May 18th.

How can you help?

Class Gift: For the class gift this year, the 6th graders would like to present the school with some improvements in the school courtyard. The Class of 2018 gift to the school will include some additional seating, some added shade and beautification of the courtyard area. The 6th grade celebration chairs are coordinating this gift effort with a Louise Archer Alum who is doing his Eagle Scout project in the courtyard. His project consists of cleaning up the garden area, fixing/refinishing the picnic tables and preparing the garden beds for planting in the courtyard. The additional seating and shade provided by the 6th grade class would enhance the courtyard area and make it a useable space for the upper grades for lunches, class projects, or quiet reading time.

Please make your contribution by May 18, 2018. We would like to have these items in place prior to the end of the school year so that our 6th graders can enjoy them before they leave Louise Archer. You can make your donation below.

Baby Photo Game: Please send in one baby photo (age 2 years or younger) of your sixth grader with the child’s full name and homeroom teacher’s name written on the back.  Please put it in a sealed envelope and have your child give it to the homeroom teacher or put in the box in the front office.  Photos might be trimmed for display.  They will be returned.  Please send in all baby photos by May 11th.    

Photo Slide Show:

Today is the last day.. May 11th .. to upload pictures!

DO NOT create an individual folder for your child. Add any pictures to the folders that have already been created. There are 63 to choose from.

PLEASE try to upload pictures that have multiple children in them. The purpose of the slideshow is to highlight all the students throughout their time at Louise Archer not just your student. If you were a room parent or a chaperone for any field trips, we REALLY need your pictures to try to make sure every student is represented. It is really sad when you don't see yourself at all in the slideshow.

DO NOT upload any pictures with parents, siblings, grandparents, private parties, non school related events, sports teams, etc. Again, the slideshow is a glimpse of life at Louise Archer only over the last 7 years.

P.S. If you created an individual album and now no longer see it that is because we have moved all the pictures out of it into the general albums and then deleted the individually titled album to clean up the website.

You may submit these digital photos by uploading them via this link:  https://louisearcherclassof2018.shutterfly.com/

Volunteer: Volunteer opportunities coming soon.

Health Concerns?: Please send an email to the 6th grade celebration chairs if you have any health concerns for your child that you would like to address. This event will be held in the gym at Louise Archer. There will be a DJ and the music is loud. There is also a disco ball/flashing lights. The pod area of the school will be a quieter area for children to go outside of the gym. In the pod, there will be quiet games, pre-packaged snacks, and a chance for children to take a break from the gym, if they need it. The remainder of the school is off limits during this event.

Questions: contact sixthgradecelebration@louisearcherpta.org

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