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The Sunshine Times is a student newspaper intended to be a creative outlet for budding writers, photographers, and artists. All students K-6th grade are encouraged to participate!


1. See your name in print!
2. Get a hard copy of the newspaper to bring home!
3. Write (or draw!) about anything!
4. Share something new and exciting!
5. Improve your writing skills while having fun!

Students can write about school/class activities, vacations, local events, sports coverage, travel/book/movie/music/art reviews, interviews, puzzles, Spanish-language columns, poetry, cartoons, advice columns--all ideas are welcome!

There will be two editions during the 2018-19 school year in January and June. Submissions for the January edition are due on January 10, 2019. Submissions for the June edition are due April 24, 2019.

Please send all submissions and any questions to

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• Students are not obligated to participate in every issue.

• Only one submission is allowed per student per issue. However, we will accept a complementary photograph/drawing with any article.

• All articles must be sent electronically in a word document on or before the specified deadline.

• Only submissions approved by a parent or guardian will be accepted. No editing will be done to the documents submitted.

• There is no limit on the number of words, however, we ask parents to use discretion and guide their children about using clear and concise language.

• Students submitting drawings or cartoons must send scans of their work. We will treat them like pictures in the paper. (If you need help scanning, please let us know.)

• All articles must be submitted with a suggested title.

• Send all submissions and questions to


For guidance on writing like a reporter, please see these links from

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Story Feedback Form

Newspaper Writing Assessment

Reporting Tips

Reporter's Guide