LA(Virtual)5k – Saturday, October 24

Registration for the #LA(Virtual)5k is open from Sunday, September 27 – Wednesday, October 21.

Event Overview
Due to COVID-19 the 11th Annual Louise Archer 5K and Fun Run will be a virtual run this year, but that will not stop the FUN! Because at Louise Archer the “The Sun Always Shines!”

Whether you are an avid runner, a jogger, a power walker, or a couch potato… please consider signing your family up for the #LA(Virtual)5k to support the Louise Archer PTA financially, and to help bring together the Louise Archer Elementary School (LAES) community during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

For those families that are new to LAES, the annual Louise Archer 5k and Fun Run raises critical funds for the Louise Archer Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which helps to keep our students experiencing an environment rich in hands-on learning. As you can imagine, the needs of our school programs continue to be severely affected by budget restraints, especially this year. The PTA is instrumental in covering gaps in Fairfax County Schools’ budget so that, not only can we prevent program cuts, we can offer new technology and resources for the students and teachers.

Registration Information
To guarantee you receive a 2020 #LA(Virtual)5k t-shirt, you must register by Noon on Thursday, October 8. If you register after Noon on Thursday, October 8, a t-shirt is not guaranteed.

Registration Fees
Adult: $15.00
Child: $10.00

If you have the desire and the means, please consider becoming a LAES Family Cheerleader which is a $300 donation to the LAES PTA and includes your family’s name on the #LA(Virtual)5k t-shirt and a couples PTA membership.

How will the #LA(Virtual)5k work?

  1. The virtual race can be completed at anytime and anywhere on Saturday, October 24.
  2. You decide when and where you will run it.
  3. You map out your own race route (or use the suggested ones).
  4. You run, jog, or walk the 3.1 miles.
  5. You report your participation online!

You can run it in your neighborhood, on local trails, on a track, on a treadmill, or even at a local organized race. The beauty of a virtual race is that you choose the location!

Bib & T-Shirt Pick Up
If you are registered for the #LA(Virtual)5k you will receive an email with details regarding bib and t-shirt pick up.

Show Your LAES Spirit!
Here are some ideas to show your LAES Spirit during the #LA(Virtual)5K:

  1. Wear your #LA(Virtual)5k t-shirt! If you didn’t receive a #LA(Virtual)5K t-shirt, wear a throwback 5k t-shirt, LAES spirit wear, or your favorite class shirt.
  2. Decorate your bib with markers.
  3. Make a #LA(Virtual)5k banner or poster for your yard or for your neighborhood!
  4. Chalk your driveway and sidewalks!
  5. Paint your face!
  6. Make a sun and hang it on your front door!

How should I log my distance and time?
Since you won’t have the benefit of a preplanned course with mile markers in a virtual race, you will have to figure out how to log the distance you run (or walk). You can use one of the suggested routes, you can use your GPS watch, or apps like Map My Run, Runkeeper or Runtasitc, or you could simply get into your car and map out the mileage.

Also, we’ll post a handful of suggested race courses the week of the #LA(Virtual)5k and include them as a handout at bib and t-shirt pick up!

At the end of the race, snap a picture and send your race time to!

Take Pictures and Share Updates!
Be sure to snap lots of pictures on Saturday, October 24! Take before, during, and after shots and share them on social media using #LA(Virtual)5k. The more pictures the better! This is the best way to show our LAES Spirit, and show the strength of the LAES Community!

The morning of Saturday, October 24 we’ll post a video and a virtual warm-up on the LAES Facebook page, feel free to add photos and comments on that post throughout the day!

Steps should be taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19. If you choose to run the race with neighbors or friends, please wear a mask and stay six feet apart.

Please email