LA Runners

Louise Archer Runners is an exercise program that meets twice/week on the outdoor running track, weather permitting. The program includes short- and long-distance running and running-based games, and is designed to keep students active throughout the session. Students who are members of safety patrols, WLA-TV, or have other commitments are welcome to attend for as much time as they are available. No previous experience in running is needed! Coached by LAES Parent Mike Lyons.

Day and Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:10-9:00 am
Grades: 3-6
Location: Field/Track
Dates: 3/17, 3/19, 3/24, 3/36, 4/2, 4/14, 4/16, 4/21, 4/23, 4/30, 5/5, 5/7, 5/12, 5/14, 5/19, 5/21, 5/26, 5/28
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