Volunteer opportunities for 2020-2021

We still have several positions open:

Garden Club: Since our current chair did a fabulous job getting Weiler’s to sponsor our school garden the garden club chair position is easy peasy. We just need a PTA liaison to continue the relationship and communicate any needs between the school and our sponsor.

Picture Day Coordinator: We will need a picture day coordinator for next year. This person helps confirm the room is set up and coordinates the volunteers who help pass out the picture cards and manages the lines.

Walk to School/Safe Routes: We are looking for someone to help and shadow the current walk to school chair. So if you have younger kids and like to walk to school, this job is perfect for you!

Field Day: One of our two field day coordinator’s will be leaving after this year, so we are looking for one person to join the team. The main duty will be managing the ice for the event. This involves contacting Madison before the event and arranging a couple of pickups throughout the day.

Before and After School Programs: We are looking for 1 more chair for the Before and After School Activities team. Volunteers to either help organize some of the activities, and/or someone who is near the school from 4-5pm who can help with some of the day to day when needed. For example, when one of the vendors cancels a class or just doesn’t show up, and we need to help the school get the word out and get kids home etc.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Alice Suh.