Thank You to Parents & Farewell to the 6th Graders

We can all agree how bittersweet it is as we wind up our last week of school at Louise Archer. While our kids missed out on the best traditions of the LAES Sixth Grade, we have seen resilience that many of us didn’t know they could even possess. Tomorrow our families will participate in a Promotion Ceremony and there will be other celebratory events throughout the week. We want to extend thank you’s to the following people:

Jennifer Alford (who doesn’t know that I’m actually putting this in): she created by hand every single sign that you will see as you drive through the promotion ceremony (Come back at the end of the day to pick up your sign. Please leave it here so all kids can enjoy the decorations!)

  • Slide Show
    • Laura Lee
    • Gergana Jostova
  • Decorations
    • Erin Ramana
    • Sheila Lianos
  • Gift Bags
    • Julianne Mutersbaugh
    • Mabet DeLange
    • Sharon Hong
    • Malini Iyer
    • Jessica Plowgian
  • Baby picture game
    • Jessica Sartorius
    • Erin Moseley
  • Balloon Arch
    • Erin Ramana

And many others who spent time working on this including Shawdi Assar, Rachel Nusbaum, and Sheeba Rooney.

This is not a goodbye but a "See you in the Fall at Thoreau, Luther Jackson, or maybe another school, and certainly around town." Louise Archer is a special school where the Sun Always Shines! 🙂

Abby and Jennifer