Sixth Grade Celebration — Event Night Information

The Sixth Grade Celebration is finally here. This page includes important details to make the night run smoothly. This is a student only event. Parents are not allowed at the event. Not even to take pictures. Parents will be invited to the slideshow at the end of the night. More details on that below.


Friday, June 3 from 7-9pm at the American Legion located at 330 Center Street N, Vienna, Va.


The attire is Hawaiian. Suggestions include Hawaiian shirt or golf shirt and khaki shorts or pants for boys, and similar attire or summer dresses for the girls. Comfortable shoes are recommended and worn the entire time. As with all school events, the school’s dress code applies. Please respect this policy.

Drop Off:

Please drop your child off no earlier than 6:55pm and no later than 7:20pm. The American Legion has two entrances for cars. Please use the entrance with the blue and yellow balloons. Do not use the entrance with the red balloons. Follow the blue and yellow balloons up the drive. When you get to the flag poles, please drop your student off. We will have chaperones there to greet them and make sure they make it into the venue. After dropping off your student, you will continue straight down the hill to exit through the American Legion lower parking lot. Please do not park your car and walk them in. You are absolutely not permitted to park in the lower lot; those spots are for the use of American Legion patrons. Students are not allowed to walk to or from the event. Parents must drop them off and pick them up by an adult. No exceptions! View the map at the bottom of the page to help with the drop off process.

Inclement Weather:

If the weather is bad, raining hard or storming. We will not be able to use the grassy area or the pavilion. All activities will be moved inside the American Legion including the slideshow.


If any of your kids have allergies and you are sending in an epi-pen, please contact Kristin Herrmann by Friday.


There are no paper tickets. The chaperones checking the students in will have a list of all those who have purchased tickets, which is the entire class! We are so happy that everyone is coming!


At 9pm all parents are invited to come and watch the Class of 2022 slide show. Please park in the upper or lower lot. (Note: You cannot park in the lower lot of the American Legion until after 8:45pm). If you are volunteering, you must park in the upper lots (by the blue and yellow balloons).


After the slide show you will check your student out so they can receive their gift bag and bring your student home with you. You must check your student out with a chaperone so please exit. All students must leave with an adult. No exceptions! If you will not be attending the slide show, then pick up time is 9pm. Please park in the upper or lower lot and walk to the outside Pavilion. If you park in the lower lot, there are stairs outside the American Legion that will lead you up to the Pavilion. We will not let any student leave without an adult. Thank you for all of your support this year! We are so excited to celebrate our Class of 2022!

Additional Reminders:

This is not a dinner. Only lite snacks, desserts, and drinks will be served. We expect all student to be respectful at all times. If this proves to be a challenge for any student, their parents will be called, and you will be asked to come pick up your child.


Please visit the Sixth Grade Celebration webpage. Or contact Kristin Herrmann or Michelle Macasaet.

Dropoff Map

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