Rules of Conduct

Louise Archer Elementary School PTA Enrichment Programs Rules of Conduct

Children and parents need to review this information and agree in order to participate!

Students Must:

  • Recognize that participation in LAES enrichment programs is a privelege and NOT a right.
  • Stay with assigned group at all times and inform instructor before leaving the class area at the conclusion of class.
  • Respect others in what they say and do.
  • Listen to program instructors and follow directions.
  • Use appropriate language at all times.
  • Keep hands to themselves and maintain self-control. This includes, but is not limited to, getting in another student’s personal space, excessive talking, talking over the teacher, distracting other students, and touching another student in any way.
  • Take care of their own belongings.
  • Use equipment and supplies in a safe and appropriate manner and only after being instructed to do so by the class instructor.
  • Respect school property and not cause destruction of property. This includes, but is not limited to, drawing on tables, rummaging through desks, breaking supplies, moving classroom supplies, and leaving trash behind.
  • Respect instructors and treat them like classroom teachers.
  • Immediately report any teasing and/or bullying to their parents and class instructors. Teasing and bullying are grounds for immediate enrollment termination.
  • Play safe and have fun!

Parents Must:

  • Recognize that the enrichment program is a volunteer-run program and that their student’s participation is a privelege and NOT a right!
  • Complete and submit appropriate paperwork for registration.
  • Update emergency contact information as needed.
  • Be on time to pick up children.
  • Assist instructors in resolving behavior issues.
  • Contact the committee chair when issues arise.
  • Be respectful towards other students and before-and-after-school volunteers.
  • Recognize that refunds minus a $20 administrative fee will be given up to and including the first week of class. No refunds will be given after the first week.

Grounds for Immediate Dismissal (no refund given) include:

  • Bringing a weapon to class.
  • Intentionally harming himself/herself or causing injury to another student or instructor while in class.
  • Vandalizing the property of LAES, that of enrichment instructors, or that of other students enrolled.
  • Stealing items from LAES, its enrichment instructors, or other students enrolled.
  • Displaying behavior that is deemed inappropriate by the instructor and outside the LAES enrichment program “Rules of Conduct” after being warned.
  • Failing to comply with these LAES enrichment program “Rules of Conduct” after being warned.