Program Summary — Winter/Spring 2022

Before and After School Activities Sponsored by the Louise Archer PTA.

Registration for all PTA-sponsored programs opens Thursday, January 6 at 9:00pm and closes Wednesday, January 19 at 9:00pm.

Please note that given the current landscape in the increase in COVID cases within the community, FCPS may impose additional building use restrictions that will require the PTA to suspend or cancel before/after school activities during the fall session. PTA reserves the right to cancel or suspend these classes at any point of time due to those restrictions. In case of cancellation/suspension, the registration fee will be credited or refunded on a pro rata basis for the remaining classes

Contact us with any questions.

  • Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • If a class hasn’t reached minimum size by the end of the registration, it will be canceled, and money refunded.
  • Classes are priced at cost plus an administrative service fee to allow for credit card processing. The PTA does not intend to profit from these classes.
  • Classes follow FCPS policy on cancellations due to weather. We will make every effort to add the missed days to the end of the schedule, space and instructors permitting. There will be no refund for missed classes.
  • Parents or guardians must pick up students immediately at the conclusion of class.
  • In the event of consistent late pickups (more than once), the student will be dismissed from the class without refund.
  • Disruptive behavior during the activity or program that affects the experience of fellow participants will result in a warning for the first offense, and dismissal from the program without refund for the second offense. If behavior continues to be a problem, participation in future before-and-after school activities and programs during the same school year may be revoked at the discretion of the Program Chairperson and the PTA President.
  • Refunds minus a $20 administrative fee will be given up to and including the first week of the class for registrations through the LAES PTA website. No refunds will be given after the first week.
  • We do have funding available for any families that need assistance. Please contact us
  • The schedule of PTA Winter/Spring programs is subject to change.
  • Please refer to our website to see additional rules and our waiver.