Sixth Grade Celebration

6th Grade Celebration News:
This year’s 6th Grade Celebration will look different than in past years. Much of it will be virtual and as much as possible will be in person. Please review the attached SUG and sign up where you can!

The 6th Grade Drive Through Ceremony and Car Parade will be held on June 7th and time TBD. We are waiting on confirmation from Mrs. Makrigiorgios. We will need volunteers to make this event a success!

Please start collecting pictures for a slideshow that will be circulated for all 6th graders. We NEED pictures of EVERY child to make it fun!!

The 6th grade slideshow is now available.

Please note: All pictures should be from school events. We are trying to make this as inclusive as possible. While the slide show is a trip down memory lane of the student’s time at Louise Archer and only highlights school activities, events and classes, we understand that many students joined Louise Archer throughout the years. Do feel free to post pictures of your children at any school event before their time at Louise Archer.

Baby Pictures:
Please collect a baby photo of your child with his or her name and homeroom teacher. Jessica Sartorius will be sending out a separate email with instructions for submissions.

6th Grade Gift:
Each year the 6th grade class gives a gift to the school. We owe the Class of 2020 much gratitude – they raised money for a celebration that did not happen. The money that was raised by this class will cover the cost of the gift that our class normally would have raised. We have purchased a bright and sunny yellow 10×15 canopy, frame, and carrying case for the school to use for outdoor events such as Field Day and the beginning of the year Popsicle Party. Be on the lookout for it next August on the playground!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Abby Shannon and Jennifer Alford
6th Grade Celebration Chairs