Please Save the Date! The Louise Archer Elementary STEAM Extravaganza will be held on Thursday March 14th at 6-8pm. 

Science Extravaganza logo – the words “Science Extravaganza” surrounded by the movement lines of molecules

The STEAM Extravaganza is a PTA sponsored extracurricular voluntary activity open to all Louise Archer Elementary students. The STEAM Extravaganza is replacing the Science Fair with a more open format for an opportunity for the students to learn about any science-related subject and present what they learned rather than to only conduct science experiments. During the Science Extravaganza students will have the opportunity to present anything they have created or investigated that is related to science and technology. Some examples include science fair projects, Lego robotics, and computer programs. Students will be asked to present and display their projects (i.e. on a tri-fold board or similar display) and to be prepared for a brief oral presentation during the event.