Pizza Bingo

Yay!  The day is almost here – LAES PTA Pizza Bingo is this Friday!  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I drop my child off for Pizza Bingo?

– NO!  Pizza Bingo is not a drop off event.  This is a family centered evening so please stay with your children.

Is Pizza Bingo a free event?

– There is no cost to attend Pizza Bingo.  You can come and enjoy the community coming together.  However, there will be pizza, drinks, desserts for purchase in the cafeteria as well as bingo cards for sale in the gym.

Can I pay for pizza and bingo cards with a credit card?

– Well, sort of!  Pizza in the cafeteria is cash only – prices are very low and small bills are appreciated.  You can purchase bingo cards using cash and we will have credit card reader in the gym only.

What about the cake raffle?

– There will not be a cake raffle this year at Pizza Bingo.  We had too many allergy concerns and made the decision as a committee to no longer have the cake raffle.

How do I volunteer for Pizza Bingo?

– We rely on volunteers for this event and we need more people!  The committee simply cannot run it on our own.  Please sign up now to help so we can finish up our planning!

Is there a silent auction during the night at Pizza Bingo?

– There will be no silent auction on the night of pizza bingo.  It’s all online!  Our wonderful teachers have donated their time for amazing teacher adventures for you to bid on as well as community donated items.  Please check out the silent auction and bid early and often!

What does the night of Pizza Bingo look like?

– Pizza, drinks and desserts will be sold in the cafeteria from 5-7pm in the cafeteria line.  Families eat in the cafeteria.  Bingo is in the gym from 6-8pm.  Many families bring a blanket to sit on and crayons to mark their cards with. We have prizes for all ages so please bring your big kids along with the little kids!   Please don’t bring bingo blotters or markers.  The bingo cards will be sold at a table outside the cafeteria.

Where do I park?

– You CAN park in the church parking lot across the street from the school.  You can also use street parking school parking.

What if I have a question about the auction or bingo?

– Email the team at or  The committee members will also we wearing royal blue shirts at Pizza Bingo.

See you Friday!