Open Positions

In this role you will head all Executive Board and General PTA meetings, be part of the School Leadership Team, serve as one of three check signatories to assist the treasurer in financial management, represent and back all Louise Archer PTA and school events, act as a connection between the administration and the PTA or staff and the PTA when required, collaborate with other board members and committee heads to oversee PTA projects and events.

Advocacy Committee Chair:
The advocacy committee and its chair shall develop and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of PTA. This committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families; educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children; and helping to make each child’s potential a reality.

Audit Committee:
Auditors are responsible for ensuring the proper management of PTA funds in compliance with PTA guidelines and procedures. They must also confirm that the treasurer’s reported book balance aligns with the bank’s closing balance. Completing the audit before the new school year begins is recommended.

Directory Chair:
AtoZ Connect is the platform we use to generate our school directory and facilitate communication with fellow Louise Archer ES families. New families joining LAES need to set up an AtoZ Connect account to feature in the directory and access information online. Returning families can view and modify their contact details from the previous year after logging in. Additionally, they have the option to update their contact information and privacy preferences. Every family has the choice to select which details are visible to other LAES families.

Field Day Coordinator:
Responsible for supporting the Louise Archer physical education staff in planning, coordinating, and defining the stations, races, and day activities for the yearly field day event. Leads team of volunteers and procures necessary supplies for stations and games not already available at the school.

Membership Coordinator:
The membership committee’s responsibilities include planning and executing a membership campaign to attract new members and retain existing ones, highlighting current member benefits to enhance the value of PTA membership, setting attainable membership goals for the year, and creating a membership theme if appropriate. Developing a calendar of membership events throughout the year. Establishing a budget to support membership initiatives and events. Attending PTA events and promoting membership throughout the year. Recognizing and celebrating the positive effects of volunteer work and school collaborations on students, families, and the school community by nominating them for Virginia PTA Local Impact awards.

Movie Night Committee:
Plan the ultimate school movie night extravaganza! Select an appropriate film and obtain approval. Arrange for the rental of the movie screen and acquire the necessary license. Advertise and promote the event. Collaborate with sponsors and advertisers for additional support and create an engaging slideshow presentation. Arrange refreshments for attendees.. Recruit volunteers and supervise logistics on the event day including set up and breakdown of event.

Nominating Committee:
This committee nominates and presents a slate of officers at the May PTA General Meeting for the following school year. Committee members should be well-acquainted with the membership and have a basic understanding of PTA operations. Their responsibilities include electing nominating committee chairperson; Holding meetings to identify suitable candidates for executive board positions and any vacant committee chair roles; Referring potential volunteers to the relevant vice presidents for committee assignments. contacting individuals to determine their willingness to serve in the nominated role; and presenting a slate of officers at the May PTA General Meeting.

Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator:
Help organize teams — including students and volunteer parent coaches — for the Odyssey of the Mind problem-solving competition. This program runs typically from Sep/Oct through March. The coordinator is the liaison for registering the school and providing necessary resources to families interested in participation. The bulk of the work for the coordinator is in September, gauging student and parent interest and then facilitating the formation of teams.

Reflections Committee:
Chair the committee that runs the Reflections program, a national PTA arts competition. The work of this committee and its chair is primarily from September to November and includes: advertising the program to Louise Archer students, setting up a digital submissions process, organizing entries and forms for community judges, recruiting (as needed) and engaging with volunteer community judges, planning an awards celebration for November, and working with the Fairfax County regional PTA for advancing top entries. In addition to 1-2 chair(s) this committee benefits from 4 members.

Safe Routes / Walking Wednesdays:
Walk and bike to school events are planned activities designed to emphasize healthy habits and endorse SRTS (Safe Routes to School) programs by creating a dedicated opportunity to engage students in walking or biking to school. “Walk to School Week” has grown into an international phenomenon and is celebrated on the first Wednesday of October. October is now recognized as International Walk to School Month and is celebrated in over 40 countries by millions of walking participants; however, walk and bike to school events can take many forms, and can be held any time throughout the school year.

School Supplies Chair:
The School Supplies Chair works with teachers from each grade to determine which classroom supplies children will need for the upcoming school year. In the Spring, we publish the final supply list by grade, and begin taking parent orders online. In early August, our bulk order arrives at Louise Archer ES, after which we sort & deliver to each teacher’s classroom, so they can be ready for children on the first day of school.

SEPTA Liaison:
A Special Education PTA (SEPTA) is a PTA organization affiliated with the Virginia State (VAPTA) and National PTA, which specifically focuses on meeting the unique needs of special education, special needs, and disabled students and families. Responsibilities include promoting understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of children with different abilities; serving as points of contact for families interested in connecting with another parent of a child with special needs in individual schools; acting as a liaison between Louise Archer PTA and SEPTA, and promoting SEPTA involvement of LAES parents; as well as fostering connections and providing support.

Silent Auction Chair:
This role involves choosing an auction platform and event date. While no licensing is required for a silent auction, it’s essential to adhere to the Sale of Goods Act when describing items and stating their value. Seek donations for auction prizes, maintain records of supporters and their contributions, and engage with past and current donors. Generate anticipation by promoting prizes on social media, prepare thank-you letters, craft descriptions, and create images for an online auction. Manage winners, distribute prizes, and communicate collection and payment details within a specified timeline. Keep comprehensive notes on each prize’s earnings and popular bids for future reference.

Sixth Grade Celebration Coordinator:
The lead chair is in charge of forming sub-committees to organize and carry out the 6th-grade celebration. The event includes a DJ, photobooth, games, light refreshments, and a slideshow. Ticket sales contribute to funding the celebration, while fundraising activities like sock hop tips and donations help cover the costs. Additionally, they are responsible for choosing and acquiring the class gift. The celebration usually takes place on the last Friday before the end of the school year at Louise Archer.

Summer Playdates Coordinator (rising Kindergarteners):
Summer Playdates Coordinator (rising AP 3rd Graders):
Plan three or four summer playdates at a park or playground so parents and children of rising Kindergarteners and 3rd graders so they can get to know one another. Typically, a team of 1 or 2 individuals has overseen this, with a need for a volunteer who speaks Spanish. Responsibilities include organizing and promoting the playdates, attending the events, handling questions, and nurturing a community spirit.

Sunshine Committee:
The goal of the sunshine committee is to develop a spirit of friendliness among the members of the PTA and others who attend its meetings. Acts as official host of PTA in creating welcoming atmosphere at meetings and events. Collaborate with other committees to arrange refreshments, food, decorations, registration, greeters, and childcare for PTA gatherings. Coordinate refreshments for PTA meetings, staff appreciation lunches, and special school events. Present the hospitality budget at the start of the PTA year for approval and oversee the allocated budget. The Sunshine Committee celebrates teachers and staff by acknowledging birthdays, milestones (like weddings or new babies), and appreciation days throughout the year. Typically, teachers receive gift cards, but there is room for creativity in showing congratulations/appreciation. Co- chairs send out a survey at the start of the year to gather teachers’ and staff’s preferences. After compiling the results, the information is shared with room parents.

Sunshine Times Newspaper:
This role manages the PTA-sponsored newspaper and requires two chairs. Responsibilities include coordinating, organizing, and communicating with the PTA, staff (specifically Ms. Simpson), and parents for article submissions to the Sunshine Times. Tasks involve creating promotional material for the ‘call for articles’, managing social media, and advertising content, as well as interacting with the PTA, Ms. Simpson, parent liaisons, etc., throughout the submission process. The role also entails communicating with parents to address any queries regarding the submission process and guidelines, managing the LAES Sunshine Times mailbox, and organizing student submissions for newspaper layout efficiency, and aiding in newspaper distribution.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Oversee our extensive group of general volunteers who are enthusiastic about contributing to LAES. Whenever a committee requires staffing or an event needs additional support, our Volunteer Coordinator is contacted. They then distribute the necessary information to our list of general volunteers. Also manages the Sign-Up Genius account.